The Legend of Bjørn's Bakes

The story begins in 2010, when the gluten-free human and dog duo of Alex & Bjørn moved to DC and found themselves without one of their favorite pleasures - delectable gluten-free snacks and sweets. 

Realizing that they were not alone in their quest for deliciousness and unwilling to settle for the tasteless treats that were available at the time, they made it their mission to perfect their own gluten-free, artisanal recipes -  in 2014 Bjørn's Bakes was born. 

All of the bakes are made right here in our nation's capital.  Their mission is to continue spreading gluten-free cheer and and to make mouthwatering gluten-free baked goods available to you where ever you may be, whilst living the legend that is Bjørns Bakes.